Lucy died yesterday. She was ten years old. Patient with children, stubborn and truculent with those foolish adults. …

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Enjoy this! Winning feels good and this was a prize fight of Blue Wave v. Red Wave. Politics and governance is the expression of lawful power and there are no breaks in the battle for control over that incredible power. …

Chadwick Boseman dying is an unspeakably sad swerve in a slog of a year.

Watching Black Panther for the first time, I remember being embarrassed at the reveal of the glittering heights they created in Wakanda. Afro-futurism merged with traditional elements to create a world so fantastic yet so far…

Le Marron Inconnu

I am a reluctant writer. My interests are food, fantasy and history; which as I discussed with a friend, would make an interesting blog for about an audience of one. Politics pushes me to write, but I am disillusioned with the media’s current call-and-response dynamic that engaging with the Trump-era…

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“There’s a baby in there?”

The unknown-to-me toddler is already climbing on our picnic table as she asks again.

“There’s a baby in there, right?”

I am standing at a beachfront taco truck picnic table rocking Jane in her car seat to mimic motion as she moans. Megan has taken…

Christine died twelve years ago today.

Life was hard for a time. Things got easier when I became a parent. After Christine’s death my twenties had been a boat unmoored from it’s slip; when Marta was born I made the decision to scuttle the boat on the spot. Anchor through…

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I am 33 years old and I have spent over half my life waiting for an ending.

I read Game of Thrones for the first time in 10th grade. It was “sold” to me by an equally reclusive nerd I had met online because of our shared interest in anime…


The greatest trick the devil(s) ever pulled was letting us think that King Robert of House Baratheon, First of His Name, King of the Andals and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, and Protector of the Realm, wasn’t right all-a-fuckin-long.

I will never doubt you again King Bobby…

Insert “Big Crossbow” for Rock

Vizzini, ahem Cersei:
Finish her. Finish her, your way.

Oh good, my way. Thank you Cersei… which one’s my way?

Pick up one of those [Big Crossbows], get behind a boulder, in a few minutes the [Dragon Queen] will come [flying]around the bend, the minute her head is in…


This is where I sign off?

What can you say about that episode? Trying to comment is going to turn upside down my normal format for these recaps (Trollish general criticism -> Things I liked to try to stay positive -> Things that still could be interesting/merit discussion)

So in…

Gabriel Maier

People tell me to write more. Amateur cook, husband and father.

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